Ironwood Shake Mini Feature v3 Our most popular and economical roofing profile, our Ironwood Shake roofing is quicker and less costly to install than our Heavy Shake and European Tile profiles.
Heavy Shake Mini Feature Our Heavy Shake roofing is designed for discriminating homeowners who want a rustic, West Coast cedar look without the drawbacks of using real cedar.
IronStone Slate Mini Feature Our newest roofing profile, IronStone Slate is designed to replicate the timeless beauty of Old World slate without the prohibitive cost of an actual slate roof.
European Tile Mini Feature European Tile replicates the look and feel of traditional Old World tile roofs without the immense weight and other drawbacks of actual tile roofing.

What Our Clients Say

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again. You made building our home a wonderful experience. You were patient, knowledgeable, flexible, and your quality of work was exceptional.
Bill BarberDelta B.C.