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Common Questions

Whether you are installing a Real Longlife Enviro roof on a brand new building or you wish to replace an existing one, important questions may come to mind.

Is a Real Longlife Enviro installed metal roof noisy?

Our installed roof is comprised of metal panels, over lapped and fastened down to either a solid wooden deck, partially filled in skip sheathing or 2×2 battens, all of which also include a layer of underlayment, making our roof no noisier than any other roof during inclement weather.

How does metal roofing affect lightning?

Lightning consideration is not a building code requirement. Lightning is usually attracted to the highest object, not building materials.

How does hail affect a Real Longlife Enviro Roofing installed metal roof?

Rare roofing panels have been tested to and met the UL 2218 testing protocol which means that the roof function was not compromised and the paint finish was not cracked when 2″ steel balls were dropped from a height of 20 feet several times over.

How does fire affect a Real Longlife Enviro installed metal roof?

Rare roofing panels have been tested in accordance with the following test standards: ASTM E 108-95, UBC Standard 15-2(1997), UL 790(1997), CAN S107 and received an overall non-combustible rating.

How does a Real Longlife Enviro installed metal roof affect the growth of moss?

The smooth surface of our roofing panels inhibits the growth of moss and is virtually self-cleaning.

Can metal roofing installed by Real Longlife Enviro Roofing be walked on?

Yes, our roofing panels can be walked on with care and attention to safety at all times. And of course, appropriate foot-wear should be worn during such endeavors.

What are the typical metal roofing prices or metal roofing costs to install?

The Ironwood Shake profile is our most economical option, which is comparable to good quality cedar shakes. Our European Tile and Heavy Shake profiles are more high-end products that are priced competitively with equivalent materials found on the market today.

How long does a metal roof installed by Real Longlife Enviro Roofing last?

Metal roofing has been known to perform for up to 100 years. The metal produced today has been engineered to withstand severe weather conditions and we believe it will outlast our lifetime warranty.

What is the length of warranty for a metal roof installed by Real Longlife Enviro Roofing?

When you have a roof installed on your home, you should receive two separate warranties. One from the manufacturer – in this case a lifetime transferable non-prorated manufacturer’s warranty. The second one from the installer – Real Longlife Enviro Roofing provides a 10 year workmanship warranty which is twice the industry standard.

What is the metal roof paint finish offered by Real Longlife Enviro Roofing?

Our products have one of three quality, baked-on, highly durable paint finishes. Depending on which profile and which colour you choose, it will be one of the following:

PVDF – (aka Kynar® 500/Hylar® 5000) the highest quality metal paint finish available, extensively tested for its durability.

HDP (High Durable Polyester) – an extensively tested and well known finish.

SMP (Silicon Modified Polyester) – an extensively tested and well known finish.

Kynar 500® is a registered trademark of Arkema, Inc. & Hylar® 5000 is a Registered Trademark of Solvey Solexis, Inc.

Will the metal roofing become rusted?

Real Longlife Enviro roofing panels are made from metal that has been specially treated with a high quality protective coating which is applied during the roll forming process, just before the paint finish is applied in order to protect the metal from oxidization.

Is weight a factor for a Real Longlife Enviro installed metal roof panel?

Our roofing panels are exceptionally lightweight so there is no need for costly truss reinforcement or extra bracing.

How can I order a metal roof or inquire for more information about metal roofing products by Real Longlife Enviro Roofing?

You can give us a call or an email and we will gladly provide a free estimate.

How to install metal roofing – installing metal roofing myself vs a metal roofing installer?

We do not recommend installing the roof yourself. There would be no installation warranty against leaks and the manufacturer does not provide a product warranty unless installed by an authorized installer.

Where can I view a Real Longlife Enviro metal roof?

Please contact us for a drive-by list of homes to look at in your area.