Roofing Products – Ironstone Slate

Permanent Metal Roof Profiles from Longlife Enviro Roofing

*Manufactured by Rare

Ironstone Slate

Our newest roofing profile, IronStone Slate is designed to replicate the timeless beauty of Old World slate without the prohibitive cost of an actual slate roof.

It is made using the same base metal as our other roofing products. It is an interlocking, hidden fastener system, just like our Ironwood Shake. The hip/ridge cap on this profile is also interlocking and each cap covers the fasteners on the previously installed cap. Minimum slope requirements are 3 in 12. This profile is installed directly onto either a solid sheeted deck or partially filled in skip sheathing. It can be installed directly over asphalt as well, depending on local building codes.

The IronStone Slate product is available in a variety of colours.