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Metal Roofs Shed Snow

The Vancouver and Lower Mainland area can experience heavy snow at times. Installation of strategically placed snow guards are recommended to keep snow from shedding over pedestrian traffic areas. This is at the homeowner’s option and should be quoted as an extra item. Here are some examples of rail type snow guards installed on Ironwood Shake roofs.

Various styles of snow guards are available. Each roof should be treated individually to take into consideration the roof design, location, immediate surroundings, orientation to the sun – all of which relate to the potential snow load/snow shedding characteristics of a roof.

The idea behind using snow guards for metal roofs is to install them in such a manner that they will PREVENT the snow from moving in the area that they are installed, not to stop snow that has already started to slide down your roof – incorrectly installed snow guards may result in serious damage to your roof in the event of a heavy snow fall.

Be sure to ask your Longlife Enviro Roofing professional for more information regarding your particular roof when you meet with them.